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My name is Joey Tubo ( I'm really a secret agent!).  I was born on July 9, 2000.  That makes me about 5.  I like cool stuff.  My sister Gina likes beautiful stuff.  She is 6—that makes her “very than me (older than me)”.  I have super powers like Batman.  I can spin a web like Spiderman.  And, my legs are “fast as Flash”.  When I grow up, I want to be a football player like my dad.  My favorite team is Michigan.  My favorite food is Cheetos.  And, my favorite place is Disney World.  I am really good at Playstation II.  I like to race ATVs and do the grind on Tony Hawk.   I have been very excited to receive all the cards and emails from my friends and family.  I hope this website helps you keep updated on my activities.


Click HERE for pictures.                           SpongeBob is here

Newspaper Article about Joey Tubo
"Striking up a new friendship sparks fund-raiser"

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